Ready to launch a dapp? Here’s a helping HBAR
Jun 13, 2019
by Gehrig Kunz

Update: we've extended the submission deadline to July 30th.

There’s now one more reason to build your next great decentralized application on Hedera – we’re expanding our community testing program with further rewards for developers.

Open Access of the Hedera mainnet marks the first time anyone can create accounts and use Hedera network services. With Open Access on the horizon, we want as many teams to particpate as possible, so we’ve expanded our community testing program to help you launch and cover your initial network fees.

Whether you have already started building on Hedera or have a Solidity smart contracts app you want to port over, this is the month to prepare for the mainnet. As such, we’re giving up to 30 applications 10,000 ℏ (hbars) and have an additional opportunity for 5 applications to earn up to 100,000 ℏ!

Developer Mainnet Program

The task

Develop a functioning application using a Hedera network service and ready to connect to the mainnet as of July 12th July 30th.

The reward

Up to 30 applications will each receive 10,000 ℏ based on Hedera’s assessment of the usability, quality, and scalability of the application. The hbars will be delivered in a series of transactions to help cover your network fees.

The process

Submit your application to be considered by completing this developer community testing form. We will accept submissions until July 12th July 30th at 11:59PM PDT; at that time, we will share further details regarding when and how to connect the mainnet.

Developer Target Program

In addition to the developer mainnet program, we’re looking for open source applications that showcase to the community Hedera’s unique functionality. Participants can build and open source any type of application.

Hedera will compensate one application of its choosing within each category to fund continued development with 100,000 ℏ, based on Hedera’s assessment of the usability, quality, and scalability of the application.

The task

Provide the best open source application using Hedera network services. For inspiration here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Tipping app. Create an easy and simple way to tip users for posts on a social application like Twitter, Reddit, Stackoverflow, etc.
  • Collectible game. A smart contract-based trading collectible card game.
  • Community funding example. Take advantage of Hedera’s advanced signatures to make complex payments simple in a GoFundMe or Kickstarter like app.
  • Bidding example. Use Hedera’s fair ordering of transactions for a transparent bidding process.
  • Token wallet. Let users manage their ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens that are stored on Hedera.

The reward

The selected applications as determined by Hedera will receive a contract to earn up to 100,000 hbars for their continued hard work.

The process

Start building! Submit your app to the developer community testing form with an accessible link to your code by July 12th July 30th at 11:59PM PDT. At that time, applications will be reviewed, and we will share further details regarding your earnings.

So, if you’re building a smart contract gaming platform, disintermediating media micropayments, or a transparent supply chain the time has come to ship. And if you’re just beginning it’s the perfect time for that, too. Join the program, get started on a testnet and get to work.

Good luck shipping!

Participants for both programs will be determined at the discretion of Hedera Hashgraph. Eligibility for these programs is not guaranteed upon meeting the above criteria, and participation in this program is at Hedera’s sole discretion. Additional terms may apply, including those published at Note that these distributions may be taxable to you, and Hedera may request additional information from you either before or after the distributions are made. We do not guarantee any monetary value associated with hbars.