Decentralized Identifiers for the First Digital Workforce Reputation Solution
Aug 07, 2020
by The 3IEIO Team

After spending years working with the largest software players in HR Tech, Employee Engagement software space and working with several hundred HR Leaders, I noticed gaps in design, philosophy, and technology. Prided as being “People” solutions, they were too complicated and limited at the same time.

At company after company the complicated feature-sets impacted user adoption, and diluted the overall intent of bolstering true employee engagement. Recognition wasn’t always meaningful. And it certainly wasn’t able to successfully align core company values or provide long-term value outside of that single moment.

While 3IEIO aims to help teams promote their values internally, one facet that has yet to be achieved is providing value for the individual employee.

Why hasn’t this simple data point been digitized before? After all, these small skills and attributes could help potential employers and recruiters hire you.

Verifiable reputation with decentralized identifiers

One potential reason is this behavioral data, to date, could not be “owned” or fully leveraged by the individuals it belonged to. Once you left the company, or your employer made a decision to no longer license or change the employee engagement software, that data was gone forever. Enter 3IEIO, where this proven behavioral science meets the most appropriate and innovative technology.

Decentralized identity has enormous potential. People, businesses, and organizations can use blockchain and distributed ledger technology to verify credentials. In spring of 2019 Hedera released their first iteration of a DID, or decentralized identifier specification and SDK.

3IEIO is the first known application in Hedera’s ecosystem to put this specification to use, and the first HRTech solution in the world to leverage such technology. DID is the very concept needed to not only help build a “Verified Workforce Reputation” and protect it, but can also grow to be the same profile that will one day encompass an individual's education credentials, certifications, CV, licensure, and more.


3IEIO also uses Hedera’s Consensus Services (HCS) as the verification engine for these digital assets and the real-world interactions with peers, customers, and partners recognizing demonstrated values and skills. With a simple API interface, HCS allows 3IEIO to seamlessly integrate with other HR tools and technology organizations. All-together, our solution forms the building blocks of a person's workforce reputation, whilst driving alignment and motivation.

To learn more about 3IEIO’s technology check out our recent meetup. If you’d like to explore how you can boost employee engagement for your own team, get in touch.