Senior Software Engineer - Middleware / PaaS

at Hedera Hashgraph (View all jobs)
San Francisco, CA

About Hedera Hashgraph:

We are a fast-growing company built around a revolutionary technology — the hashgraph consensus algorithm. Hedera Hashgraph is well-suited to become the world’s first mass-adopted distributed public ledger because it is blazing fast, highly secure and ensures fairness.  We are on a mission to create a trusted and empowered digital future for everyone; a cyberspace where you work, play, buy, sell, create, and engage socially; where you have safety and privacy in your digital communities; where you feel confident when interacting with others; where you own and control your information.

Hedera is ambitious and fast-paced.  We balance our enthusiasm with a measured approach to risk, and are well capitalized having raised over $100-million. Today, our team consists of more than 60 talented individuals, including many of the best minds in the industry. We are proud of our high-quality culture, dedicated to our values of integrity, ethics, service, excellence and teamwork.

We are looking to hire effective, collegial and hard-working people to help achieve our vision. Join us and say, “Hello future.”

About the Role:  

  • Design, develop and test Middleware/PaaS components in Java 
  • Develop integrations to enterprise applications 
  • Work closely with customers to create quick Proof of Concepts 
  • Build sample/demo applications to demonstrate value and strength of the Hashgraph technology 
  • Enable our developer community to develop a wide range of applications based on Hedera platform 

Skills and Qualities Needed:  

  • Experience in developing middleware or PaaS components is a must. 
  • Proficient in design and Java programming 
  • Experience in enterprise applications integration is highly desired 
  • Experience with development of PaaS and SaaS layer is a plus 
  • Strong engineering principles and processes aimed at developing simple, modular and high-quality code. 
  • Familiarity with test-driven software development processes and continuous integration tools and systems 
  • Strong ability and willingness to quickly adapt to a complex and changing environment 
  • Self-motivated, independent and driven with an attention to detail 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar field, or equivalent work experience