Hedera20 Virtual Hackathon Recap
Jun 19, 2020
by Cooper Kunz
Developer Evangelist

We've recently wrapped up submissions for Hedera20, our first virtual hackathon, with over 800 attendees. The event was focused on the newly released Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) and had over $35,000 in HBAR prizes. We also had sponsor challenges from several great companies, including Armanino, DragonGlass, Hashing Systems, MoonPay, and Mousebelt, giving away a lot of awesome prizes themselves, including over $5,000, and acceptance into a startup accelerator program.

At the end of the competition, there were over 40 project submissions, and we'll be announcing the winners on a livestream next Thursday, June 25th, at 9 am PST!

The Projects

Here's a brief recap of the projects' titles and descriptions that teams submitted.

3IEIO - Digital Workforce Identity - We help employees & employers create verified career identities from meaningful recognitions and engagements using the Hedera DID SDK.

Bypass invoices - Your clients pay your providers: Bypassing invoices boost your cash flow, cuts funding costs, way faster and more reliable than banks.

Co-value ecosystem - Decentralized Global Political System on Hedera Hashgraph. Political Search Maps, Political Search Engine, Political Social Media, more…

CoFund20 - A new simple crowdfunding decentralized application operated on Hedera Hashgraph Blockchain with higher reliability and performance.

Crypto Karma - A simple interface to access enterprise blockchain to invest, monitor, and manage using real time tracking data.

cryptoZakat - cryptoZakat is an autonomous decentralized charitable organization powered by Hedera Hashgraph to build trust in zakat fund management.

DCA - Chrome Extension that provides a decentralized certificate authority and PKI to ensure a safe web browsing experience.

Digital Identity and signature - This is going to be a basic identity verification project. The project is at idea stage.with a huge potential support government/investors.

Dorral - Referral Voting System.

EasyFlex - A tool to efficiently manage power flexibility services for the smart grid of the future.

Education and Individual Development - Education, personal development is one of the most important issues for a better future, which includes the art of decision making, business.

Energy Sector Real-Time Trading Support and Reporting - Commercial Energy Prosumers can trade and optimize energy use via data feeds produced using HCS and consumed using DragonGlass.

Epheu - Interacting with Hedera made easy. A Java GUI application, enabling all sorts of interactions with the Hedera Network.

EventCo - Community Driven Sales of event tickets.

Finalpay.io - A payment stack for e-merchants and innovators who seek to create novel payment and interactive experiences for end-users. Powered by Hedera.

Freelend - A blockchain and DAO based loan platform where everyone can borrow from potential lenders who join together with the same goal.

HAPE: Hedera Assistance for Peaceful Elections - Hape is an application aiming at the decentralization of elections, leveraging Smartphone features, Hedera and Artificial Intelligence.

Hashgraph API Portal - Hashgraph API Portal is a web based user interface for securely interacting with the Hedera Hashgraph network, open to everyone.

Hashgraph World - A drag-and-drop low code dashboard for connecting HCS with Kafka (and more!) directly from your browser.

HumanKind - We turn acts of kindness into currency for you and the causes you care about.

Hushpuppy - Opening Decentralized Finance to HBAR.

If and only if - A trustworthy way to organize challenges and reward the winners.

Indie platform - Indibating Platform is for indie artists who want to advertise their art or to fundraising.

KPAY - PHP micropayment appnet - A simple server plug-in that's installable on 1 billion existing websites, giving end users hassle-free access to Hedera... Hello future!

Maxit - Stablecoin 2.0.

Missing St - Global repository for handing missing persons records, with Hedera File Service. Lots of other uses!

Nonselective Reporting - A platform for creating surveys with storage of evidence of acceptance of an answer on the blockchain and subsequent evidence of full report

Ocean Plastic Collection and Recycling - Bringing corporate, government and citizens together to promote ocean plastic collection and recycling and save the depleting marine life.

Oxiles - Event listener that bridges Hedera with other blockchains and backend microservices.

Parkin - Decentralized Parking App | Fast, Secure and Trusted Parking.

Play-2-Win Quiz Game - User can quickly pay the fee with their Hedera account. Play the quiz game and win HBAR in rewards. Can buy HBAR online using Moonpay.

PresCryptoChain++ - Healthcare, especially in these times, need a high tech solution especially among the elderly and at-risk populations who may need attention.

PromiseMe - An abstraction layer on the Hashgraph that provides essential promise "primitives" - building blocks necessary to promulgate promises.

Provably Fair - Using Hedera to guarantee to online players the fairness of the game they are playing. Trusting the online casino = increased profits!

Public Pest Network - Our secure, decentralized network makes it possible for researchers, farmers, and the public to submit, view, and analyze pest data.

QRdonate - QRdonate will offer services that track and follow every step of a donation operation.

Soil Health Monitoring System - It can determine Soil fertility status (i.e. NPK level, Soil pH & mositure, microclimate) and provides suggestion to the farmer through app.

Street points - Streetpoints helps street food vendors to increase sales by providing a flexible platform for managing and sharing customer loyalty points.

The Hedera Hashgraph Guide - A reference manual to Hashgraph for the community.

Trust Bucket: Verifiable S3 Object Storage - Trust Bucket allows you to hash and timestamp any object you place into your S3 bucket, using Hedera Consensus Service.

Turtle Treasury - A crowdfunding service that uses Hedera Consensus Service to ensure accountable and transparent transactions.

VIP Season - Auction style–sports season tickets marketplace.

Virtual Reality Architecture - Design with customers via digital network. Taking customers into architectural design with virtual reality.

WallaWallet - Wallawallet combines Hedera cryptocurrency, MoonPay, Dragonglass, and Dianoia powered by HCS, for the best HBAR mobile wallet experience.

✅ REPORT - An app for the people, by the people - it's what we call real news.

View all of the project submissions.

Not only did we get an excellent set of new faces and projects into our community, but we've also managed to do a variety of real-world testing of the HCS APIs, Mirror Node, and SDKs. The feedback we've received throughout this process is invaluable for making Hedera the fastest, most fair, and secure public ledger available. Not to mention one of the easiest to build on.

I want to thank everyone who signed up and participated in this event, and hope to see the Hedera community at the livestream on June 25th to hear the winners!