Hedera is owned and governed by the world’s leading organizations

Hedera for Tokenization

Highly configurable

Hedera offers fine-grained control, with key and token configurations that deliver flexibility for account KYC verification and freeze, token supply management, transfer, and more.

Low and predictable fees

Hashgraph consensus on the Hedera public network ensures low and predictable transaction fees — it costs less than 1¢ USD to transfer any sum of a tokenized asset on Hedera.

Scalable throughput

The Hedera public network is owned and governed by the world’s leading organizations, such as Google, LG, DLA Piper, Boeing, and more. It offers the highest grade of security in its class and cannot fork into a competing network, ensuring robust stability.

“The Hedera Token Service will enable Taskbar to predictably and reliably scale the use cases and versatility of our native utility & governance token.”

Ahmed Shlibak

Supply Chain
Tokens can be representative of individual physical goods or components in a supply chain and used to ensure provenance, transparency, and trust between disparate parties. They can even be used to ensure product authenticity and ownership for end consumers.
Ensure ownership, transfer of rightful inheritors, and more, according to the programmed terms. Configurability for tokenized assets on Hedera offers a new dimension of fast and secure transfer of digital assets for legal and compliance purposes.
Decentralized Finance
Whether it's a utility token, security, government bond, internationally traded commodity, or other financial instrument, tokenization on Hedera offers a secure and stable platform for the next generation of finance applications.
Unique, digital in-game items create a new stream of revenue for game developers, and a truly ownable, playable, transferable, paradigm. Tokens can be used to create new financial incentive models and unique game-play for gamers.

Why Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera is the only public distributed ledger architected from the ground-up to meet the performance and security requirements of new and existing applications running at web scale. Hedera offers game-changing and unique functionalities for tokenization unattainable by alternative public and private distributed ledger technology.

Ease of deployment

Deploy tokens natively without needing to configure additional infrastructure. Token transfers and account balances are exposed via mirror nodes in a publicly verifiable way. Tokens are deployed after defining key roles and behaviors to support their operation.

Low cost

The Hedera Token Service offers token transfers, fixed in USD, for less than $0.01 USD, supporting high throughput use cases such as payments, financial markets, or in app purchases.

High performance

Process thousands of transactions per second with finality / settlement in 3-5 seconds, with throughput that’s expected to increase over time.


Defined tokens inherit the account, transaction, and trust model of native hbar cryptocurrency transactions. This offers interoperability with both tokens on Hedera and on other distributed ledger networks. Transfers can also be verified in order to trigger events on other permissioned or permissionless networks.

Decentralized trust

Token transactions are included in receipts, records, and state proofs on Hedera. Any third party application can independently verify transactions that come to consensus. Mirror nodes expose a history of transactions without relying on a centralized source of proof.

Ease of integration

Tokens issued on the Hedera mainnet benefit from standardized integrations with third party services — this includes wallets, custody providers, and exchanges. Third parties adopting the Hedera account model can easily extend their integrations to any token type. This offers a path to adoption and liquidity for tokens issued on Hedera.


Learn how Hedera makes it easy to mint and manage tokens with low, predictable fees and fast transactions with immediate settlement.