Sharing the Inspiration of Women in Blockchain
Jun 20, 2018
by Hedera Hashgraph Team
Hedera is a decentralized public network where developers can build fast, fair, and secure applications.

According to Forbes, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are poised to become the largest disruptive technologies in the world, yet only 5-7% of the those active in the technologies are women. More women active in the field can inspire so many opportunities! For example on the tech side, there are opportunities for women to develop distributed apps (dapps) for more effective business processes. Women are uniquely poised to build dapps that could appeal to female users. Women investors and entrepreneurs have opportunities to build new solutions on public ledgers, shortcutting business processes to more fair and secure systems. The more women involved in the field, the more women mentors inspiring a future gender balanced workforce!

The Crypto Invest Summit held in Los Angeles in May this year hosted a panel discussion spotlighting six diverse women who hold various careers in the blockchain space and who shared their unique stories on how they are making a difference in this space. The video segment below captures them in action along with highlights from Amy Henricks (Director, New Direction IRA), Rea Abaniel (Sub-Investigator NRI), and Brooke Torres (Director of Marketing, BotChain) moderated by Hedera’s Simi Hunjan and Daniel Francis.

Hedera aims to support women who have the motivation and inspiration to make a difference in these disruptive technologies and build a new future together. Stay tuned, Hedera will be sharing plans on incorporating tracks for women in future Meetups and at a soon to be announced developer conference this Fall. Join our dev community at to connect with us and stay up to date.