The Hedera Free & Fair Voting Initiative aims to make voting around the world as easy as picking up your phone
Jun 07, 2018
by Hedera Hashgraph Team
Hedera is a decentralized public network where developers can build fast, fair, and secure applications.

Over 1.8 billion people who are eligible to vote, don’t. In the past five years alone 52 countries have experienced some sort of election interference. The Hedera Free and Fair Voting Initiative wants to make every election in the world fair and free, without voter manipulation and suppression.

We have provided a grant of $500,000 to The Distributed Ledger Foundation to incubate this initiative, but we need help from the developer community to make it a reality. The Free and Fair Voting Initiative video explains how Hedera's decentralized ledger technology can form the foundation of a free and fair voting application and how you can get involved: