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ABFT for Correctness and Liveness

Feb 07, 2020Paul Madsen

For some consensus algorithms, it is possible to prove that they are Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (ABFT). But what does that mean, and what are the practical implications? This blog will explore what an ABFT proof can guarantee about the correctness, finality, and liveness of a consensus algorithm.

Hedera Hashgraph to Leverage Armanino TrustExplorer in New Strategic Partnership

Feb 05, 2020Hedera Hashgraph

Dallas, TX — February 5, 2020 — Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade, public distributed ledger platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Armanino LLP, one of the 25 largest accounting and business consulting firms in the U.S.

CDC and WHO’s Coronavirus Data Now Searchable Via Acoer, Powered by Hedera Hashgraph

Feb 03, 2020Hedera Hashgraph

Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX — February 3, 2020 — Acoer, developer of blockchain-enabled applications, today announced that it is helping its healthcare and life sciences clients to easily track and visualize the Coronavirus outbreak with its HashLog data visualization engine.

Hedera January Update on Business Operations and SAFT Amendment Proposal

Jan 27, 2020Mance Harmon

As part of the recent business and coin economics review, the senior leadership team at Hedera has examined every part of Hedera’s strategy and operations.

How Hedera calculates the HBAR / USD exchange rate for SDKs and applications

Jan 16, 2020Paul Madsen

Having up-to-date and accurate HBAR to USD conversion values is an important aspect of network operations at Hedera. We utilize the current price of HBAR across various applications and services. If you’ve ever wondered how we do that conversion, look no further.

Evolving Blockchain Gaming: SkyPeople's RPG FiveStars Provides Transparent Stats

Jan 14, 2020The SkyPeople Team

SkyPeople, a game development company, builds blockchain-based games. The team is building their upcoming game, FiveStars, with new use cases and technology in mind including Hedera Consensus Service.

Hedera Technical Insights: Hierarchical Multi-Signature support in Hedera

Jan 11, 2020Paul Madsen

Hedera enables a flexible and dynamic permissioning model for entities in consensus state via a hierarchical m-of-n transaction signature based authorization model. The ability to require multiple signatures for operations on entities in state is critical for security and usability of public ledgers.

How to Query Historical Hedera Data with the DragonGlass REST API

Jan 03, 2020DragonGlass Team

The DragonGlass REST API allows you to query historical data by transactions and accounts on both the testnet and mainnet. Learn these basics to get started.

Hedera mainnet status: We're online, and have been

Jan 01, 2020Hedera Hashgraph

We received feedback from the Hedera community over the past 24 hours regarding articles and Tweets indicating council member nodes going offline, with one article citing a complete network outage. We’re upset by these false claims, because it does not represent the truth.