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Exploring Tokenized Assets on Hedera Consensus Service: part 3

May 16, 2020Tim McHale and Greg Scullard

The beginning of the end, part 3 starts the focus on the code. We'll provide a Java demo application to help map an ERC-20-like example to an application network using Hedera Consensus Service.

Exploring Tokenized Assets on Hedera Consensus Service: part 2

May 16, 2020Tim McHale and Greg Scullard

Part 2 of the 4-part series looks at the more decentralized architecture models and options for managing a token using Hedera Consensus Service application networks. In this article, you'll learn more about their potential trade-offs before diving into the code.

Exploring Tokenized Assets on Hedera Consensus Service: part 1

May 16, 2020Tim McHale and Greg Scullard

Tokens are an exciting new way to manage assets. To date, they've mainly been created through the use of Solidity smart contracts. This 4-part blog series provides an early look at how we can start to achieve similar use cases with Hedera Consensus Service for improved speed and lower costs.

Getting started on Hedera for Developers

May 14, 2020Cooper Kunz

Are you a developer looking to get started building on the Hedera Hashgraph public network? Throughout this post, I’ll show you how to get your account credentials and on your way to deploying your application to the mainnet.

Getting started with the .NET SDK: Create an account and transfer crypto

May 13, 2020Jason Fabritz

Learn how to get started with the Hedera community supported SDK for .NET. This tutorial walks you through creating an account on the Hedera testnet or mainnet and transferring HBAR cryptocurrency.

Hedera Governing Council Recap: 13 of 39 Seats Filled

May 07, 2020Gehrig Kunz

With the addition of the University of College London, 13 of the initial 39 Council Member spots have been filled. This milestone marks an opportune time to recap the progress made against the goal achieving ongoing decentralized governance.

Leading Research Institution University College London Joins Hedera Governing Council as First Higher Education Member

May 06, 2020Hedera Hashgraph

Dallas, TX and London, UK – May 6th, 2020 - Hedera Hashgraph, an enterprise-grade distributed ledger platform, today announced that University College London (UCL), London’s leading multidisciplinary university, has joined the Hedera Governing Council.

DLA Piper: The future of public distributed ledgers in law and why we joined the Hedera Governing Council

May 05, 2020Scott Thiel

DLA Piper joined the Hedera Governing Council on February 20th, 2019. We were among the first group of members, alongside Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom Blockchain, Nomura, and Magazine Luiza. I'll be sharing our story of joining, describing our risk assessment, and explaining applications we're looking to build on Hedera.

Network upgrade communications, a new previewnet, IP proxies, and TLS support

May 04, 2020Brady Gentile

We received feedback from the Hedera community about early access functionalities and communications for network upgrades. We’re excited to share how we're addressing that feedback while also discussing the state of Hedera’s mainnet nodes, including the addition of IP proxies and TLS support for security and privacy.