Hedera Hashgraph Announces Winners Of Global Hackathon And Hedera MVPs
Oct 18, 2018
by Hedera Hashgraph Team
Hedera is a decentralized public network where developers can build fast, fair, and secure applications.

New Community Resource, Hashgraph.org, Now Also Available

Dallas TX – Oct 18, 2018 – Hedera Hashgraph, a next-generation distributed public ledger with highly diversified governance, today announced the winners of the Hedera18 global hackathon, plus seven regional winners and the inaugural Hedera MVPs. Hedera today also announced the launch of Hashgraph.org, a free educational resource to the hashgraph community.

Sixty-seven teams competed in the first ever Hedera hackathon, on Oct 15-16th, in Bangalore, Dallas, London, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tel Aviv. Winners from each location were then entered into judging for the grand prize of $50,000. The global winner was Payper, a Romania-based team that competed in the London hackathon. Payper enables web-based micropayments, a critical component of the open API economy. It was demonstrated using HTTP, making it easy for web developers to integrate into their applications. The team members were Alex Males, Eugen Males, Alexandru Popa, and Vlad Suciu. You can learn more about our Hedera18 Hackathon Global and regional winners below:

The winners from each location, each awarded $10,000 worth of cash and hbars, included:

Blume, a peer-to-peer internet hotspot sharing app using micropayments, from the Bangalore hackathon

Hash Name Service, a low-cost native implementation for a human-readable name service, from the Dallas hackathon

Helpon, a decentralized charity platform to transparently connect people in need with those willing to help, from the Moscow hackathon

Proof of Life, a solution that enables identity and life verification through voice to streamline the pension process, from the Paris hackathon

H X, which utilizes the speed and fair ordering of hashgraph to create a trusted secondary auction market with verified goods, from the San Francisco hackathon

Artgraph, a platform that allows artists to get paid in-person or online when their art is sold, viewed, or rated highly, from the Singapore hackathon

Cronos, an SDK for developers to create new user rewards with a shareable tokenized asset earned by time spent in app or games, from the Tel Aviv hackathon

In addition, Hedera gave out awards to 21 global Hedera MVPs, recognizing their hard work and tireless efforts to grow and foster the Hedera community. MVPs are ambassadors who have gone above and beyond in their ambassadorship by coordinating a wide array of meetups, consistently providing insightful and educational community content, and assisting with global Hedera events and outreach. The new MVPs, hailing from 14 countries worldwide, are:

Gokul Alex, Associate Director PricewaterhouseCoopers, India 
Sean Au, Founder Talkcrypto.org, New Zealand  
Sergey Belets, CEO Hypersphere, Russian Federation 
Guillermo Blanco, Founder DLTRevolution, France 
Oliver Bolton, CEO Almond, United Kingdom
Kulranjan Choudhary, Co-founder Hashora, India 
Dudley Collinson, CIO at Universities Admissions Centre, Australia
Alexander Cyon, Founder Alexander Cyon Consulting AB, Sweden 
Arvydas Dabulskis, Blockchain and Technologies Analyst, Lithuania 
Jillian Godsil, Founder BlockLeaders, Ireland 
Lior Goldenberg, Scitex Finance Manager HP, Israel
Gossip Guy, Creator of Gossip Guy YouTube channel, USA
Vincent Holland, CTO and Partner at INVONO AB, Sweden 
Brian Kipkemoi, Entrepreneur and Technologist Onyxcoin, Kenya 
John Kwok, Consultant at Murex, Singapore 
Sherard Lier, Petroleum Engineering Consultant, USA 
Herve Moal, Director Innovation and Partnerships Arp-Astrance, France 
Scott Overholser, Development Team Lead Medici Ventures, USA 
Swayam Shah, Co-founder CryptoNests, Netherlands 
Morne Smart, Senior Consultant SAP Deloitte, New Zealand 
Elizabeth Strickler, Director, Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Georgia State Univ, USA

New Hashgraph.org Community Resource

Hedera today also announced the launch of Hashgraph.org, a free resource to the community, moderated by hashgraph Ambassadors and select community members. The development of Hashgraph.org was community inspired. Previously, communication and education channels for hashgraph have been fragmented across multiple networks including Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Hashgraph.org aims to reduce fragmentation, and therefore enable greater education, knowledge transfer, and community discussions. It will provide a community portal plus a platform that aids in education and support for the market through community generated content. Hashgraph.org intentionally supports a global audience, and therefore has forum and content areas dedicated to serving readers and speakers of different languages.

“We are excited to provide a comprehensive educational resource for the hashgraph community, as well as a platform for discussion and a place for community members to share their ideas,” said Andy Grant, Vice President of Community for Hedera. “In addition, we believe Hashgraph.org will become a resource to promote community members that are true thought leaders in the DLT space.” For more information, visit Hashgraph.org.  


About Hedera

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